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StreamBank is a collaborative effort of volunteer stream monitoring groups. The StreamBank website serves as a central repository for volunteer monitoring data. The initial members are located in Southwest Ohio, but it is hoped that other groups across the state and region will take advantage of this service. This website provides a secure online backup of data and allows participating groups to make their data visible to a wide audience. The goal for the StreamBank Regional Water Quality Database is to provide sound water quality information, collected by volunteers, to the general public, academia, resource agency staff and local decision makers.

StreamBank is a powerful tool that contains interactive graphing & reporting features to customize selections and cross query data sets. As additional groups participate, water quality data can be viewed in connection with other parts of a single watershed and across neighboring watersheds.


It is very important that all the data collected is scientifically credible. Great effort is taken to train volunteers to collect and analyze water samples from local surface waters in accordance with strict quality assurance protocols and as part of a project study plan. Participating groups are encouraged to pursue Credible Data status with their respective state and federal agencies.


The analytical data posted on this site was generated to satisfy specific data quality objectives of each group participating in the Regional Water Quality Database. All of the samples were analyzed and collected by trained volunteer water quality monitors. Users of the data must understand potential limitations of the information and its suitability for their intended use. Please refer to the appropriate Project Study Plan and Quality Assurance document for each data set.


Is your volunteer monitoring group interested in participating? Use of the StreamBank system is available to other volunteer monitoring groups that have developed a Project Study Plan and Quality Assurance Project Plan. For more information on creating an account, please contact Bob Lentz, Butler County Storm Water District at 513 - 785 - 4101.